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November 22, 1966, was selected as the day a massive air strike would be launched against the first of two high-priority targets in North Vietnam (NVN). At.

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October US Prisoners in North Vietnam

  • The Anti-War Movement in the United States Tom Wells. Though the first American protests against U.S. intervention in Vietnam took place in 1963, the antiwar movement did not begin in earnest until nearly two.
  • Immortal 600: Prisoners Under Fire at Charleston Harbor. Knowingly exposing helpless prisoners to artillery fire seems unconscionable. War, however, has a way of fostering inhumane behavior.
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  • Did Jane Fonda Betray American POWs in North Vietnam? Did Jane Fonda Betray American POWs in North Vietnam? The long-standing claim that Jane Fonda turned smuggled messages from U.S. POWs over to their North.
  • Operation Ivory Coast - Wikipedia Operation Ivory Coast; Part of the Vietnam War: Sơn Tây prison camp. The walled compound is center left next to the river
  • Vietnam War POW/MIA issue - Wikipedia The origins of the POW/MIA issue date back to during the war itself. Suffering from a lack of accurate intelligence sources inside North Vietnam, the U.S. never had.
  • Belarus | World Prison Brief based on an estimated national population of 9.5 million at beginning of October 2016 (from Eurostat figures)
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