CCS 中国船级社

Lately, with the 15000TEU container ship MAERSK HONG KONG of MAERSK LINE being classed with CCS, CCS-classed fleet engaged in international voyage has topped 100m GT.

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IAMSAR Manual 2010 vII

  • IMO resolution A.224(VII) It is not always possible to ascertain the current status of resolutions. We recommend you consult your national maritime administration which is the appropriate.
  • SchSV - Schiffssicherheitsverordnung Vollzitat: 'Schiffssicherheitsverordnung vom 18. September 1998 (BGBl. I S. 3013, 3023), die zuletzt durch Artikel 2 § 14 der Verordnung vom 21.
  • Marine Order 27 (Safety of navigation and radio equipment. Marine Order 27 (Safety of navigation and radio equipment) 2016. made under the Navigation Act 2012
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